Writing for the Next Album

Hey there!  We've been writing for the next project after our EP and are anxious to get into the studio.  If you went to our CD release party on June 10 (thank you!), or have been to a recent show, you've heard some of the newest tunes we have.  "Make Some Noise" is a show opener to get the crowd loud and loose, ready to get rowdy type of jam.  New to this album, Korey sings lead on a couple of the tunes so far, to include "Let It Go", a song with a rockabilly vibe and moving bass line.  Cashing in on the advantages of a male/female lead, "Give Into Me" is a sensual duet about the duality of attraction.  With our first collaboration in song writing, friend Lee Wenner wrote the country inspired "Redemption Song", a solid tune with a train beat and rawhide feel.  What album would be complete without a brooding, epic piece? Our "Melancholy" features piano for the first time and takes the cake of dark lyrics.  So far we've completed about 9 of the songs and are gigging them.  I like to play the songs live several months before recording them to really understand what the song needs and what we respond to.  Several others are in the works to be completed.  No dates have been set yet, so come to a show to hear the new tunes!

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